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Nursing Clipboard with Storage -excellent for clinical -MINT

Nursing Clipboard with Storage -excellent for clinical -MINT

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Clipboard for nurses with storage has both backside & inside Quick Access Cheat Sheets.

  • Excellent for use during clinical
  • Enough storage to keep your reports HIPAA compliant.
  • Color coded Cheat sheet gives you quick access to the information
  • Backside & Inside quick references to information such as: IV Gauges,Normal ABG values, Critical Values,EKG chart ,etc..
  • Waterproofing and easy to wipe down.
  • Slim & Lightweight Clipboard For Professional Registered, Licensed, and Student Nurses
  • High Quality Material making it last longer than other cheaper clipboards

With a Clinical Reference Material Our storage clipboard is full of reference and cheat sheets to help you stay organized and

feel less stress during clinical rotations:

  • Lab values (CHEM 7, CBC, LFTs)
  • ABGs with interpretation
  • IM injection sites
  • EKG Interpretation
  • EKG lead placement
  • Insulin sites
  • Normal vital signs
  • Needle Gauge selection
  • Volume and weight conversion
  • Pain scale
  • Sepsis Steps
  • Common ICU drips
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